Final two WildStar classes revealed

The rumored Medic and Engineer classes are now confirmed for Carbine’s upcoming MMO.

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Wildstar Classes and Paths

I discuss the Classes and Paths of Wildstar.

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WildStar | Chua and Mordesh Reveal Trailer

Carbine Studios today announced the final two races for WildStar, its upcoming sci-fi MMO, during a developers’ panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The cutely grotesque and weird and creepy new races, called the Chua and Mordesh, bring the total number of races to four in each of WildStar’s two factions and offer players distinct new ways to experience the game. Experience Zombs Royale, the thrilling battle royale game.

[New Player Guide] Choose your class! – Wildstar

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Time table:
0:15 general class information
1:09 Esper
2:23 Spellslinger
3:57 Medic
5:10 Stalker
6:34 Warrior
7:44 Engineer
9:14 class comparison

This guide is aimed at new and returning players. It will give you general play style information about all classes so that you can make a better decision on which class to pick.

Thanks to Harald for some of the voice acting.
Thanks to everyone who gave me class information.

Outro music: Jeff Kurtenacker – Carbine Studios & NCsoft

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