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Candy Crush Saga Cheats (iPhone iPad Android)

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I’m back with a Candy Crush Saga cheat (Level Skip) for Android iPhone and iPad.

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Project Makeover Cheats – Gems! (iOS + Android)

Project Makeover Cheats – Gems! (iOS + Android)

Hey everyone. In this video I will explain How to get loads of FREE GEMS in a fully unlocked Project Makeover on iOS or Android APK. This will work on any iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or Android device.

It is very quick and easy to do.

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Golf Star iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch GamePlay

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The most realistic golf game of all time, right in your hands!

Introducing Golf Star™, the greatest golf game you’ll ever play, featuring realistic graphics, a multitude of pro golf techniques, and powered by physics-based gameplay.
Play with other golfers from all over the world in real-time!
Experience heart pounding, hole-in-one action with Golf Star™!

– Game Features –

– Jaw-dropping REAL graphics
Golf Star™ proudly features stunning, beautiful graphics unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
Its perfect retina support and lighting technology surpasses all other Full 3D Golf games.
Experience the exhilarating sensation of playing golf as if it were an actual golf course!

– Realistic Golf Physics
Terrain height, ball impact angle, wind, temperature, humidity, and up to 70 other factors implemented to perfectly capture the physics of an actual swing.
Go ahead! Take a shot and experience all of the physical elements found in a real-life game of golf!

– Various Skills and Techniques
We’ve captured the skills and techniques of actual pro golfers.
Become a Pro Golfer and choose up to 10 techniques, including draw shots, fade shots, and chip shots.

– 5 Different Game Modes
– Career Mode: Single player mode with quests and competitions with NPCs in tournaments.
– Match Mode: Compete against other golfers playing Golf Star™ from all around the world.
– Competition Mode: Invite friends to compete in matches anytime, anywhere.
– 10 Player Competition Mode: Play against up to 10 players online in a real-time competition. Become the best of all!
– Training Mode: Practice makes perfect! Train your golf skills in Training Mode.

– Weekly Rankings
Add friends to challenge them in competitions!
Climb to the top rankings and win 1st place!

– Best of all: Golf Tournaments!
Play a new tournament every week and try to win prizes.
Aim for the grand slam tourney and become the master of golf!

– Aim for the Top!
Exciting quests and various achievements are waiting for you.
Challenge yourself to enter the Hall of Fame!

– Unique Characters
Collect various outfits and accessories.
Show off your own stylish character to your friends.

– Game in English! – We also support Korean, Deutsch, Français, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體.

– Compatible with: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th Gen), iPad2, New iPad, iPad mini
(iOS 4.3 or higher required)

Golfstar – This is how they’re doing it

On my last video I posed the question “How are these impossible scores being posted”. Thanks to all of you who answered the question – I had lots of answers on comments here, on twitter and via the game, and this video shows how it’s being done.

As with the HIO cheat a few months back, making this common knowledge is going to mean Tour is a write-off this week, but as we’ve seen previously making these cheats and glitches public always means they’re fixed very quickly, so no apologies here. Share as much as you can,. the more people that know about it the quicker it’s going to get fixed.