How Event Horizon And Other Horror Films Inspired Destiny 2’s Season Of The Haunted

The horror of a haunted derelict ship is a big part of Season of the Haunted; here’s how Bungie achieved its spooky feel.

Top 45 Spine-Chilling Space Horror Movies That Changed Cinema – Ultimate Mega List

Nothing excites us more than the unknown, unpredictable space horror, which has dominated the horror genre for decades. A spaceship enters or leaves the Earth’s atmosphere, and you are on the edge of your seat! Added to the traditional horror elements are claustrophobia, isolation, and vast emptiness of space, and you get a whole new level of terror.
It is not easy to create a space horror film as it requires a big budget, fantastic script, and talented cast to make it successful. Over the past decades, there have been quite a few masterpieces that have left a mark in the world of cinema. In space, your scream may not be heard, but back on Earth, your scream will be heard when you watch these spine-chilling, nerve-wracking films. Here we present to you the ultimate mega list of 45 space horror movies of all times that has rocked generations of the audience to their core.

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0:00 Intro
1:35 Alien: Released in 1979 –
3:05 Life: Released in 2017 –
4:40 The Cloverfield Paradox: Released in 2018 –
6:20 Event Horizon: Released in 1997 –
7:55 The Thing- Released in 1982 –
9:20 Pitch Black – Released in 2000 –
11:05 Hellraiser IV: Bloodline Released in 1996 –
13:05 Sunshine: Released in 2007 –
14:35 Galaxy of Terror Released in 1981 –
16:10 Pandorum: Released in 2009 –
18:00 Dead Space: Downfall – Released in 2008 –
19:30 Prometheus: Released in 2012 –
21:10 Ghosts of Mars: Released in 2001 –
22:45 Screamers: Released in 1995 –
24:15 Europa Report: Released in 2013 –
25:45 Apollo 18: Released in 2011 –
27:20 Riddick: Released in 2013 –
28:40 Starship Troopers – Released in 1997 –
30:10 Aliens: Released in 1986 –
31:45 Jason X: Released in 2001 –
33:05 Dark City: Released in 1998 –
34:35 Doom: Released in 2005 –
36:05 Lifeforce: Released in 1985 –
37:30 The Last Days on Mars: Released on 2013 –
38:48 Supernova: Released in 2000 –
40:20 Forbidden World: Released in 1982 –
41:40 Dead Space – Aftermat: Released in 2011 –
43:05 Planet of the Vampires: Released in 1965 –
44:25 Red Planet: Released in 2000 –
45:55 Critters 4: Released in 1992 –
47:20 Inseminoid: Released in 1981 –
48:50 Prospect: Released in 2018 –
50:15 Doom – Annihilation: Released in 2019 –
51:45 Dark Star: Released in 1974 –
53:15 Solaris: Released in 1972 –
54:40 Aniara: Released in 2018 –
56:10 2001- A Space Odyssey: Released in 1968 –
57:35 Dead Space: Released in 1991 –
58:50 Breach: Released in 2020 –
1:00:05 The Dark Side of The Moon: Released in 1990 –
1:01:20 Creature: Released in 1985 –
1:02:45 It! The Terror from Beyond Space: Released in 1958 –
1:04:05 Savage Planet: Released in 2006 –
1:05:15 The Green Slime: Released in 1968 –
1:06:40 Alien Cargo: Released in 1999

Is EVENT HORIZON Really “Disturbing”?

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Event Horizon: Space Horror That’s Scary Good – Rental Reviews

James Rolfe discusses the 1997 film Event Horizon, which is like Hellraiser in Space but better than the actual Hellraiser in space, with pals Justin Silverman, Kieran and Tony from Hack The Movies.

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EVENT HORIZON (1997) Explained

Event Horizon is a 1997 science fiction horror film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and written by Philip Eisner.

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