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ALCH VERSUS| Megaman Legends 2 P0 [“Testing, Testing…Is This Thing On?”]


The_Game: Megaman Legends 2
The_Genre: Third Person Shooter
The_Format: Sony Playstation [PSX]
The_Developer: Capcom Production Studio 2
The_Release Date: JP April 20, 2000/ NA October 24, 2000/ EU August 3, 2001
The_Other_Platforms_The_Game_Is_Available_On_Because _People
Of_Casual_Conversation: PC, PSP
The_SAN: Normal

A simple matter of playtesting and VO, interested?

PS1 vs PSP – Mega Man Legends 2: Kimotoma Caverns


PS1 – 0:23

PSP – 13:54

This is just a comparison between the PS1 and PSP versions of Mega Man Legends 2.

The blue lines are actually just a graphical glitch by the PSP emulator.

Mega Man Legends All Side-quests

A compilation of all Side-Quests in Mega Man Legends, done during my run on this channel. You’ll unlock these at different points in the game, usually you’ll unlock more after beating ruins and getting the new refractors. These quests are a fun and creative addition to the game, and you can get some useful rewards. It’s usually buster parts or junk items for roll to develop, also parts needed for the most powerful weapons in the game.

Intro: (0:00)
Hidden Bombs: (0:07)
The Lost Bag of Money: (4:35)
The Sevbot’s Robbery: (10:16)
Saving the Pregnant Woman: (16:40)
Save Ira: (18:56)
Building the Club House Part 1: (22:03)
Building the Club House Part 2: (24:31)
Building the Club House Part 3: (27:45)

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Alch Versus: “Megaman Legends” Part 46 (“Search and Rescue”)

You can now watch this entire playthrough from BLASTFOX.US!:


Game: Megaman Legends (Rockman Dash, JP)
Format: Sony Playstation [PSX]
Release Date: Dec 1997 JP, Aug 1998 NA, Dec 1998 PAL.
Ports: N64, PC, PSP
Recorder Used: FRAPS
AlchemistiD’s Skill Rating: Decent
Failure Level: Moderate

Apologies for the missing part 38. Youtube rejected it due to length, though I could have sworn it was below 11 mins when I uploaded. You didn’t miss much, just a tour of the three or so rooms in the Flutter, and some gender confusion with Data. Just me screwing around.

This set we visit the Clozer woods Sub-Gate, shoot some pirates, and rescue a pregnant lady.