Sable Beginner’s Guide: Seven Things We Wish We Knew At The Start

The world of Midden is wide and mysterious. Maybe too mysterious? Here’s how you can find your footing as you begin your Gliding.

10 Beginner Tips I wish I knew starting Warframe

Hey there Peeps! This week we’re taking a look at the 10 tips I wish I knew about when I started Warframe. These are anything from simple where you can find information, to a quick guide on how to earn yourself some Platnium and what you might want to spend your plat on, and were you should save your plat for now.

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0:00 Intro
0:34 What to do after Vor’s Prize
2:12 Bullet Jumping
2:50 Affinity and Mastery Rank Basics
5:16 What should I spend Platinum on?
7:19 How to earn Platinum
12:13 Tips for the Market Console
13:51 Clans and Dojos
16:38 Free Endo in the Dojo?
17:40 Selling Mods for Credits or Endo
19:14 Selling Weapons, Warframes, or extra Blueprints
20:30 Weapons as Crafting Ingredients
21:01 Endless Missions tip
21:53 Outro

10 things I wish I knew when I first played Omega Strikers

Here are 10 super useful pro tips that every beginner guide should cover for Omega Strikers, guaranteed to give you that sweet sweet gameplay you deserve! Have you heard of It's a super exciting game in which you control a black hole. Try it:

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Tarkov Beginners Guide! Wish I Knew This When I started Escape From Tarkov 12.9

In this video, I will give you my best beginner tips on how to get better and master escape from tarkov as fast as possible. I will cover the basics, point you in the right direction of your journey and also tell you the things I wish I knew before I started escape from tarkov.
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7 TIPS I Wish I Knew From The Beginning – Identity V Beginner’s Guide

Identity V Beginner’s Guide. This Identity V beginner’s guide is a collection of tips and tricks that I didn’t know when I first started playing the game. These tips are both survivor tips and hunter tips, and are vital to know for any player in the Identity V community to improve your game sense and gameplay.
This Identity V guide covers: kiting tips, different signals the game gives you to help understand your current situation, tricks to help you stay alive longer & stay hidden for longer and much more. This guide also works as a how to video on improving your general game knowledge quickly for beginner players and for those who didn’t know these hidden mechanics.

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